Enjoy it!

Finally finished my first/latest showreel. It includes my favorite works from 2010 - 2020. It was an incredible work experience in many places "Syria-Dubai-Netherlands". The work you see here is chosen based on how much joy i had when i was working on it. I am always looking for more challenges and things i can burn some brain cells!Interested?


About me/us

Design everything.

Hey, I'm Mazen my friends call me Zean. Let me share with you a bit about myself first. I'm an open-minded guy with unconventional approach to creation. I never limit myself to just one creative field - always looking for new challenges and explore new boundaries. I'm constantly evolving, learning, and growing so you can expect that working with me is going to be a fun and exciting ride. Cool, now that you know me for me, how may i help you today?


Branding and identity

You have the business idea and you need help to create the bond with your target audience via the right visuals, copywriting tone of voice? Then youre at the right place send me an email so we can get the job done.


Motion graphics

Let me help you to till your story, proces, infographics or even your dreams in a very engaging way where you can foucus on tilling the importent information and leave the husels to for me!


Graphic and illustration

Print ad? Poster? Digital assets? Childrens book? Food menu? Infographic? Long story short if you need any thing related to graphic design or illustration - you call me, Okay?

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Your turn.

Let's get in touch now. Tell me more about yourself and how we can help each other.